AEROGOGO focuses on the research, development, design of innovative automatic inflatable lightweight product. We are a core team of professional strength specialized in mini air pump appliances, combining the elements of aerodynamics, automatic inflation technology and composite fabrics etc. After 3 years of continuous trial production and design improvements, we finally created the most exclusive and innovative “One-click automatic inflatable lounger” with an integrated AIRVORTECH™ electric air pump, which can automatically inflate the lounger with just a simple touch. Allow you to enjoy leisure comfort that really help release your stress, boost your energy and fuel your day!

About Us

The GMV of AEROGOGO inflatable lounger has doubled and grown continuously since its successful launch, ranking the top “most-popular” of the smart inflatable beds industry on many e-commerce platforms such as Xiaomi Youpin and Xiaomi Mall. Also, our products are exported to the USA, UK, France, Japan, South Korea, Australia and many other countries. All are highly favored and sought after by consumers in both China and overseas. 

We have designed a series of AEROGOGO automatic inflatable products for different scenes to satisfy multi-functional application, including home, travel, picnic, outing, office, departure lounge, airport lobby etc. In AEROGOGO, you’ll always find awesome products for life enthusiasts and explorers. Make your adventures and journey more fun and ease!

Brand Story
In order to meet people’s needs for rest and relaxation anywhere at any time, lightness is what AEROGOGO R&D team aims for, and we hope to provide everyone with a truly convenient product for rest and relaxation. We implement the concept of "automation" through our product development and successfully created a variety of automatic inflatable products.  Solving the problems of traditional air beds including cumbersome procedure, slow inflating and air leakage comprehensively.

AEROGOGO owns the excellent R&D and superb technical team of the advanced mini air pump appliance field. Our team is composed of 20 core members who have over 10 years of R&D experience in fluid mechanics, precision construction and other related technologies. All core members were used to be the technical experts from the most famous global companies such as Intel and ZTE. All were graduated from top universities such as Tsinghua University, Dalian University of Technology and Xi‘an Jiaotong University etc. In AEROGOGO, we deeply involve our time and effort for years and finally we’ve developed a mini air pump total solution which is both portable and practical, suitable for daily household use.

Brand Advantage