Hands Free Inflatable Camping System

  • Built-in Air Tubes
  • All-Season Usable 
  • 2Wings, More Spaces 
  • Waterproof & Sun-proof 
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Easy Setup & Stable

Big Enough for 

8-12 People

Durable & Foldable 

" Air Beam"

Hands Free and Pop-up 

Equipt with aerogogo tent pump

Unique air column structure for the Gouse Tent, known as the Double "H" air column support structure.

This design ensures the stability of the Gouse tunnel tent. Even in extreme outdoor conditions, damage in one area won't cause the entire tent to collapse. You lose one "H", we have another.

Does not require additional wind ropes, you only need to nail the ground.


Double " H " &

No Wind Rope

More Space 

2m height, camping without limitation.

Stands at a height of 2m, so you won't need to bend over while moving around. Move freely without obstacles.

One-bedroom, one-livingroom, one-yard.

The Gouse inflatable tunnel tent is divided into three main sections.

Section 1 is the front yard where you can build a fire, cook, and set up camping equipment

Section 2 can be used as a living room where you can eat, play, and rest with your family and friends. 

Section 3 is the main bedroom. When you need privacy, you can zip it up, completely separating the two sections for absolute privacy.

Interior - Made of 150D Oxford fabric with PU2000 waterproof coating and silver-coated sun protection technology. 

Outer layer - Uses 150D Oxford fabric with PU3000 waterproof coating and black PU coating sun protection technology. 

FloorUses 300D Oxford fabric with a PU3000 waterproof coating, ensuring stability even in heavy rain and snow.

· Offers a cool summer experience with 6 windows for ventilation and a double-layer structure. 

· Equipped with professional wind resistance and rainproof features. Along with a bottom snow skirt to maintain a cozy temperature even on cold winter days.

Keep Cozy, Stay Cool