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One-Button Automatic Inflatable Tent

  • ​Built-in High-pressure Air Pump
  • Inflatable Air Beadms Frame,Strong & Durable
  • Auto Stop When it Filled
  • Lightweight & Portable 
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Portablility Versatility

Inflatable Air Beams Frame

Strong & Durable

 The GIGA Tent replaces the traditional metal skeleton with inflatable air beams.  Combined with TPU material, high-pressure resistance, isn't easy to step down. Because there are no metal struts, it is not afraid of breaking.

Built-in High-pressure Air Pump

​​The built-in air pump of the GIGA tent is compact and lightweight, making it very easy to carry. Up to 50,000RPM spinning rate and 30kPa high pressure. The maximum airflow rate is 20L per minute. You don't need to carry an extra air pump.

Lightweight & Portable

We optimized the internal structure of the GIGA Tent to a very compact foldable tent. Put it in the storage bag provided and it's a carry-on travel backpack size only. Weighs only half of a traditional tent. 


Internal Powerbank



Outdoor life requires a variety of equipment, and if you don't pay attention, you will forget some things. The GIGA tent help you out this problem. It is electric inflatables. The GIGA Tent is designed with the built- in air pump which will automatically stop inflating when the tent has enough air. All you need to do is just press the button, and it can be up automatically. ​Extremely friendly for most campers and the inexperienced!

 Worry-free assembly

Equiped With Outer Tent 

The GIGA Tent is equipped with a large outer tent that can also isolate moisture, prevent rain and snow from immersing even in extreme weather. The air pump of the GIGA Tent has an IPX5 high water resistance rating that can keep rain and snow out to prevent a short circuit. 

Withstand Level 7 Strong Winds

The GIGA Tent is also equipped with a set of ground pegs and wind ropes. You can anchor the tent using the pegs. Thanks to the flexibility provided by the inflatable air beams, the inflatable tent can withstand strong winds and storms very well (tested to withstand up to level 7). It won't deform or collapse under wind pressure, as the air beams are flexible enough to bend and stretch and then come back to their normal shape.