The Smallest Powerful 3 in 1 Air Pump

  • 4.5kPa Super High-Pressure
  • 3 Modes, Adjustable Pressure
  • 3600mAh Long Lasting Battery
  • Ergnomic design

  • 3 lighting modes
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    3-IN-1 Versatile Air Pump

    Small Sleek And Powerful

    GIGA PUMP 4.0 still continues the design concept of compact. Its body is 50mm x 48mm x 60.5mm and the weight is 100g only, smaller than a salt shaker. Lighten your backpacking gear. 

    Compact And Durable

    The unique geometric design of GIGA PUMP 4.0 is different from most of the normal air pump designs on the market, which makes you love the outdoors and adventure at a glance. The body is made of high-quality, firm and durable ABS material.

    Used As Camping Lantern

    There are eight LED lamp beads at the bottom of the GIGA PUMP 4.0.  3 levels of brightness adjustable. Simply press the button to adjust the brightness in different environments according to your needs. Lighting time lasts up to 35 hours.

    GIGA PUMP 4.0 can fast inflate with 220L/min larger airflows and the air pressure can reach 4.2kPa. Suitable for a variety of inflatable products in life.

    The unique design of the GIGA PUMP 4.0 internal structure can optimize the duct of the air pump, making the product small and compact yet the motor inside can reach a high speed of 50,000RPM.

    Air Pump For All Your Inflatable

     Adjustable 2 Gear Pressure Mode

    In order to meet the needs of different inflatable products, GIGA Pump 4.0 has 2 different pressure modes: weak mode and strong mode. 

    GIGA PUMP 4.0 can also help you make a fire with an air-blow function on outdoor camping.

    The compact body does not affect its powerful functions. Built-in 1360mAh rechargeable lithium battery lasts for a long time. Its wireless design allows it to be used anywhere, anytime!

    1360mAh Long Lasting Battery