GIGA Mattress
One-Button Automatic Inflatable Mattress

  • Built-in Electric Air Pump
  • Great Support without Sinking
  • Up to 14cm Thickness, Isolate Moisture from the Ground
  • Foldable storage, A4 size only
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No More Waitting ​

Built-in Electric Air Pump​​

The air pump of the GIGA Mattress is equipped with a 3800mAh high-capacity lithium-ion battery, that is sufficient to inflate the air mattress more than 25 times. 

High Weight Capacity

The GIGA mattress adopts a one-piece design that can hold loads of up to 300kg. With the mid-lumbar support, the load capacity of the mattress is significantly improved. Adjustable firmness and softness without any limit.

Isolation of Moisture​

The thickness of the GIGA Mattress reaches up to 14cm once fully inflated which can isolate moisture completely from the ground. It also provides extra mid-lumbar support for proper spinal alignment.


Internal Powerbank

225L / Min






Inflating the GIGA Mattress is faster and easier than a traditional air mattress. It will be inflated and set up completely in just 60s. The powerful lithium-ion battery offers the highest energy and features a high-speed design for fast and instant inflation.

  No More Waitting

Small as A4 Paper 

In order to lighten your burden while traveling and free up unnecessary space, we optimized the internal structure of the GIGA Mattress to a very compact foldable mattress. Put it in the storage bag provided and it's a carry-on travel backpack size only. Weighs only half of a traditional mattress.

Made of high-quality and thick TPU fabric, freely use the GIGA air mattress on grass, sand, rocks or snow, etc. Adopting the hot press high frequency welding technique and high-temperature coatings, the seal of the Aerogogo air mattress is very good and no air escapes. The air pressure is long-lasting without sinking and the durability of use is highly increased.

Sophisticated Craftsmanship