GIGA Lounger PS2
Automatic Inflation Airtight Lounger

  • One-Button Automatic Inflation
  • One-Button Automatic Deflation
  • High Tightness
  • IP68 Waterproof
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High Tightness 


Zero Porosity

So. Fast. With 100s.

Aerogogo PS2 One-button automatic inflation in just 100s.  Built-in electric air pump with a powerful lithium battery. Super-fast and extra stable. 

Air Leak Proof

Through hot-pressing high-frequency welding, the double layer surface of PS2 is high heat resistant, durable sealing and airtight with zero porosity.

Small? Whoa.

In order to reduce your travel load and save indoor storage space, we optimize the design of Aerogogo PS2 which is in A4 paper size only after folding.


Internal Powerbank

225L / Min






On the basis of the traditional inflatable beds on the market, the height of Aerogogo PS2 is increased to 50cm

It insulates the moist of the ground and eliminates the discomfort caused by uneven ground surfaces. The thicker base layer is more durable as it prevents air lounger sagging. The increased recline angle provides full-body support and protects your spine completely. Make you feel like holding up by a pair of invisible arms while lying on it. 

Offer you a comfortable area to stretch out freely and release. your stress.

Comfortable As You Wish

With a very high level of airtightness, the maximum load capacity of Aerogogo PS2 is 150kg.


Double the happiness with your friends or loved ones in your leisure time.

Two People, 

Double Happiness

The body of Aerogogo PS2 is made of  polyester and PVC which is extra durable and wear-resistant.

It won't be torn or leaked easily even you use it on rough grounds like beaches or outdoor camping area surfaces.

No worry even if it is punctured by branches or other sharp objects, as each PS2 air lounger comes with a pack of adhesive cloth repair patches for you to fix a tear, a worn area or hole.

Protect You, Protect Myself