GIGA Lounger GS1
Automatic inflatable lounger

  • One-Click Automatic Inflatable 
  • Moisture-Proof and Cold-Isolated
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Emergency Charger Function
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Double-layer composite hot-pressing high-frequency technology

One-Key Automatic

Very easy to operate by yourself, even kids can handle. , takes only 60s. Relax and enjoy whenever you want.

Use of Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic curve design and the curved support design of the legs can promote blood circulation in all parts of the body, support the body evenly.

One-Piece Design

Lounger maximum load capacity that can reach150kg.

High efficiency rebound and no collapse. 


Internal Powerbank

265L / Min






Micro USB input port  for charging and in turn has a USB Type-A portto be able to recharge a smartphone.The internal battery capacity is 2600mAh.

Emergency Powerbank Function

It can be transformed into a backpack easily weighing only 1kg, and the storage size are only half or even one-third of the traditional air bed.

Small and Convenient to Store

It is made by hot-pressing high-frequency welding of new friendly polymer TPU material. High heat resistant film.

‎Thermoplastic Polyurethane