APU Page – APU Start

When the APU Master switch is selected ON, the APU page appears and remains displayed until 10 seconds after the APU RPM has been above 95% for 10 seconds or until the MASTER switch is selected off. When the APU page blanks, the DOORS page will reappear.



We’ll now sequence through a normal flight and describe the normal systems pages that automatically appear according to this diagram. This diagram shows the 10 phases of flight.

For example, when electrical power is applied to the aircraft (ELEC PWR – PHASE 1), the DOORS page is displayed to allow the crew to monitor the aircraft doors and the flight crew oxygen system.


SD Introduction

The SYSTEM DISPLAY (SD) and STATUS (STS) appear on the lower ECAM. There are 11 SD pages available, and certain pages appear automatically depending on the phase of flight.  The SD page can be automatically called up as a result of an abnormal condition. Regardless of which page is displayed, the crew can manually select a SD at any time by pressing a pushbutton on the ECAM control panel.